is it worth it? let me work it

Believe it or not, before this rain was snow, and two Mile High City boys managed to get a Zip Car stuck in the slippery ditch of full of it on a dark country road. As the driver, I take full responsibility for having missed the highway entrance and then proceeding to push my 3 point turn to the limit. I also admit fault in being escorted off the Syracuse fair grounds for not having secured proper press credentials before taking snapshots of farming equipment.

Fortunately, we were already on our way out, hoping to make the five hour drive in order to return the rental back in time. We managed to visit booths and mount machinery presented by proud farmers and manufacturers’ representatives who were more than happy to tell us about their jobs and the greater context of the industry.

We had seen all the tractors, steel and plastic, that we cared to see, and honestly had no idea that we had entered a so-called restricted area in our effort to find our way back to the parking lot. Whoever she was, the woman who booted us took her job very seriously and had very little sympathy for my pleas of ignorance and claims that the expo’s website had lead me to believe I would be welcome without a press pass.

The show was over anyway, and we truly were lost, so Matt and I did not argue when we were loaded into a parking-lot-bound gator. We were glad to be on our way back home, but not so rushed that we didn’t have time to stop for a bite. It was after that bite that we wound up in the ditch, but within minutes a friendly gentlemen stopped to help. He turned out to be a railroad worker with a reflective vest, and he began to direct traffic around the protruding rear end of our borrowed vehicle.  The guy on whose land we were stuck had the tow strap, while a man on his way home from work offered to tether it to his truck. A few people helped push while someone with more recent practice driving in the snow pulsed the accelerator to free the wheel.

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