Let’s not call it an obligation


Who cares what the neighbors think, you’re right, we do, we do our best but we’re not about to spend more money just for some extra silence.

We don’t know how to act when being considerate is a material concern.

If only noise were like hot air, rising instead of emanating, shaking the whole structure. We’d just put all the loud up top and stop worrying about irregular schedules and whether others are sleeping while we’re waking.

It’s difficult to develop a new skill when we’re aware of so many factors of resistance to our progress outside of the ones inside us. Practice is hard enough without having to tip toe, to supplicate, when might it be least disruptive, but that’s probably the best bet, the most highly recommended course of action, the surest path to proficiency, the easiest way to express some degree of natural talent.

Let’s just keep kindly trying.